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Nature’s Tiny Mystery

Posted in Uncategorized by munty13 on November 19, 2009

Polonium Halos in Deep Earth Granite

Traditional science says that earth was formed from molten matter from stars and it was cooled down slowly – overy billions of years.
Then Robert Gentry discovered one of the most intriguing mystery that challenges the traditional theory of the “creation of the earth”.

Gentry discovered Polonium Halos in granite rocks which CANNOT have formed if the earth cools down over billions of years….

There has not been any satisfactory explanation for this discovery, except one: that the earth was formed in a solid form within minutes !!!

Working with microscopes in the late 1800s, scientists found small halos in granite. These are tiny, colored concentric circles (“concentric” means circles within circles, as in a bull’s eye).

When cut exactly through the middle of the halo, there would be a small grain in the center. It was found that the halos were tiny spheres etched in the rock around the central grain.

It was not until radioactive elements were discovered, about the beginning of our century, that scientists realized that these grains and their halos were the result of radioactivity,

And what does this all mean ???

To form a Polonium-218 halo, some Polonium-218 must be embedded into the rock BEFORE the rock becomes solid

To form a Polonium-218 halo, the Polonium-218 must be decaying AFTER the rock becomes solid

Polonium-218 halo has a half life of 3 minutes, so after 30 minutes, almost all of the Polonium-218 would have disappeared !!!

So ???….The time between the rocks of the earth was molten and that is was solidified is at most 30 minutes !!!!

Here in lies the problem for the traditional Big Bang theory – it proposes a hot earth and cooled down VERY SLOWLY – it took BILLIONS of years to cool, not just 30 minutes !!!


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