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Preventing Tooth Decay with Your Tongue

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“Dental plaque is a calcium carbonate and calcium phosphate crystal formation that occurs when the pH of saliva and blood in the oral cavity becomes too alkaline. The alkaline environment produces an electromagnetic field around plaque bacteria that attracts calcium to its surface. Calcium continues to build until the plaque bacteria become a magnet to attract other plaque bacteria to its cell wall. The plaque bacteria continue to pile on top of each other until they form a colony. The colony becomes a large magnet to deplete all the calcium and phosphate in saliva and blood in the oral cavity.

The body replenishes the lost calcium and phosphate by removing them from the underlying bone that supports the teeth. The calcium and phosphate that attaches to the colony of plaque bacteria form a shell of calcium apatite crystal. The crystal is what is called dental plaque. Dental plaque are attracted to fibroblasts that repair and regenerate fibrous connective tissue. The combination of destroying fibrous connective tissue and bone loss is what is called periodontal disease.


Preventing Tooth Decay with Your Tongue
by Dr. Wu Tao-Wei

While reading through a book on early American poetry, I found
this one taken from a tombstone epitaph:

Here lies the body of Mary Ann Lowder,
She burst while drinking a Seidletz powder.
Called from this world to her heavenly rest,
She should have waited till it effervesced.

I offer this not as a humorous anecdote but as a sober warning.
Sometimes the simplest remedies have hidden dangers that should
not be ignored. That poor Mary tried to relieve her indigestion
with a calcium carbonate tonic, is both common and not at all
dangerous. But she broke the rules of the simple remedy by
drinking it before giving it time for the excess carbon dioxide
to bubble off. The reaction of calcium carbonate and stomach
acids can be observed simply by dropping a teaspoon full of
baking soda into a half a glass of vinegar. Better to do this
experiment in the kitchen sink since the foaming action will
spill out all over the place.

Calcium carbonate (common baking soda) and stomach acids produce
a lot of gas. And too much baking soda can be lethal. So much for
the warning.

Now back to your teeth. If you are an average American over fifty
years old, then half of your teeth are already gone from fifty
years of eating from the troughs of the Jewish junk food
industry. But my advice is still good for the teeth that you have
remaining. And if you still have all of your teeth, then please
pay attention to this simple remedy and prevention method.
The bacteria that cause tooth decay do so by excreting acids.
These acids are what dissolve the teeth with little caries that
provide free housing for millions more bacteria that excrete more
acids which dissolves more of the tooth structure. And as I
mentioned in a previous article, these bacteria are killed
instantly if you gargle with a solution of baking soda and water
with a pinch of ordinary table salt thrown in for extra punch.
The American dentists and pharmaceutical manufacturers know this,
but they never mention it because they want you to buy their
gargles from bottles and to visit their clinics for dental work.
Now this calcium carbonate of the baking soda is very alkaline
and will neutralize any kind of acid. When it is applied to your
teeth, it destroys the acidic environment that the tooth decay
bacteria like and it kills them. In addition, this calcium
carbonate creates the alkaline pH that keeps the teeth healthy.
You can apply it with a simple gargle solution or with your

Now, the tongue is a much-ignored organ. Most people use it for
eating and tasting and after a meal they use a tooth brush. But
the tongue, itself, is a tooth brush. God thought of everything
when He made every creature. He even provided us with built-in
tooth brushes. So, let me ask you if your tongue is working
properly or has it become un-coordinated from lack of use? Try
this: Make a grand tour of your teeth using your tongue to touch
the edge of your gums all the way around on the inside and
outside surfaces of your teeth. Can you do it? Or is your tongue
becoming unco-ordinated and weak from lack of exercise? After
all, your tongue has muscles in it and if it isn’t exercised
then, like any muscle structure, it weakens. You want to be able
to stretch your tongue so that it is able to reach every nook and
cranny around your teeth and all the way into the inner edges of
your lips and cheeks at the gum line. Stretch your tongue all the
way into the gum and cheek line and maybe you will feel a slimy
home for bacteria that you didn’t know was there and which your
tooth brush and gargle didn’t touch. This is one of the skills
that the tongue has built into your genetics. But modern man
seems to have lost touch with some of his more useful talents.
Once you are able to explore your entire mouth and gums and inner
cheek linings with your tongue — reaching deep into every hiding
place around your teeth where bacteria can thrive — then you can
apply the medicine. Keep in mind poor Mary Lowder and be careful
about swallowing too much powder. But take about the amount of
baking soda that would fill the volume of a green pea, put this
in your mouth and use your tongue to smear this baking soda and
saliva paste all around the teeth and gums and reach it into the
farthest corners of the gums and around the corners of the back

And there you have it. You now have the method for keeping your
teeth healthy. You can carry a supply of baking soda in an
ordinary child proof pill bottle wherever you go. Use it whenever
and wherever you like. And a pea’s volume of calcium carbonate
cannot hurt you even if you swallow all of it. Spit it out or
swallow it, depending upon how you feel. It will neutralize all
the acid in your mouth and kill the decay bacteria on contact.
And if your stomach hurts from eatting Jewish junk foods
containing sugar and white flour, then a little bicarbonate of
soda will sooth the pain and neutralize the acids. The Western
dentists know this. But they don’t make money unless you get
cavities so they say nothing. Remember, only a pea’s worth is
enough to save your teeth and push back any gingivitis. More is
not better. A pea’s worth is enough to do the job of healing
Whoops! I mentioned the word that the Western physicians never
use — healing. I certainly hope that they do not sue me for
doing what they are unable to do.
Second Publication Rights Granted as long as
the following is credited:
First Published in the Chinese Swaztika Newsletter,
for free subscription send blank eMail to:


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