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Atomic Number One

Posted in Uncategorized by munty13 on April 20, 2009

I’ve often wondered what is the missing link between high frequency EMR, such as gamma rays, and matter. I had suspected that gamma radiation was a link between EMR and matter. I’d thought hydrogen, the element which begins the periodic table with the atomic number 1, was the link between EMR and matter. Maybe, there’s another way to look at it. Let’s whack the pinata and see what falls out.

Matter is a cold energy sink in the fluid of the aether. The greater the density of matter, the more it will stretch the aether. The aether is incredibly dense, but we are unable to even notice it. In our world, elements which we think of as having a high density, or being “heavy”, such as gold, or plutonium, are perhaps weaker than light elements such as hydrogen or helium, because these heavier elements have greater effect on stretching the aether field. Imagine the impact of a cannon-ball on the blanket of the aether, compared to that of a ping-pong ball. The heavier cannon-ball stretches the aether field a good deal more. Where the aether is stretched further and further, is it possible that this strain causes the aether field to be weaker? In the same way if we blow up a balloon too much, it’s going to be big, but it’s skin is going to be stretched and made weaker, and more sensitive, and therefore more likely to explode.

Heavy elements, and therefore heavy objects, are an illusion. The mind tells us something is ‘heavy’. An object is not inherently ‘heavy’. The manner in which we, as observers, interact with objects around us that reinforces all our ideas about them being ‘heavy’. When we lift an object, it is our somatosensory system which sends signals to the brain, and creates all our ideas about the object.

Our sense of touch is controlled by a huge network of nerve endings and touch receptors in the skin known as the somatosensory system. Recent studies have shown that touch receptors in our fingerprints work on vibrations. As fingers move across a surface, the intricate geography of the finger tips, known as epidermal ridges, help select and amplify just the right vibrations to convey information from the skin to the brain. Indeed, it appears all our senses utilise vibrations – including, surprisingly, our sense of smell. ‘Heavy’ is simply an experience.

In my mind I am now reversing the periodic table so that where EMR ends with gamma radiation, it begins with the heavier elements. The heaviest element known to occur in nature is uranium with an atomic number of 92. Scientists have been able to create heavier elements in the laboratory – some go all the way upto 118. Many of the elements heavier than lead (atomic number 82) have nuclei so large that they are fairly unstable, making them radioactive. Radioactive elements heavier than lead undergo a series of decays each time changing from a heavier element to a lighter or more stable one. Once the element decays into lead, though, the process stops.

A reversal of the periodic table actually allows the Universe to make more sense. Radioactive decay exhibited by the heavier elements blends into the beginings of high frequency electromagnetic radiation. At the other end of the spectrum we have two straggling ends – one end being low frequency EMR, and the other end being the start of the periodic table, begining with hydrogen. The beauty of it now is uniting those two broken ends back together by the fluid of the aether.

Hydrogen is a cold energy sink in the aether of the fluid. It is our first glimpse of the vibrations of the aether to create matter. Hydrogen, atomic number 1, is perhaps only one simple step from the very essence of the Universe, the aether, and a wealth of potential energy beneath it.

On the other hand we have low frequency EMR. The EMR spectrum supposedly ends with the speed of light forming a wavelength of 300,000 km in one second. This maxim can be written as 1 Hz. It is thought nothing can go faster than 300,000 km in one second. But 300,000 km per second is the speed limit of light propagating through the aether. EMR propagates in transverse waves. Who’s to say what speeds the fluid of the aether moves? It could be that the aether moves so darn fast we can’t measure it.

When Tesla was experimenting with transmitting electricity, it appears he was trying to maximise on utilising the aether. Tesla considered his methods of transmission not ‘Hertzian waves’, or what we now refer to as transverse electromagnetic waves (radio), but another type of signal transmission. He described them as faster-than-light (FTL) longitudinal wave transmissions. Is it possible that these longitudinal waves are not simply propagating through the medium, but somehow, they are the medium?

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