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Posted in Uncategorized by munty13 on December 7, 2008

Frequency is the measurable rate of electrical energy flow that is constant between any two points. Everything has frequency. A healthy, adult human heart (when at rest), beats 60 times per minute. This can be written as a frequency of 1 hertz (or one beat per second). I’m struck by this, because it is the same frequency as a clock (one tick per second). There is no clock on the wall of the Universe anymore, or such a thing as ‘time’ to regulate and control us. The Universe is revealing itself as an energy vibrating at different frequencies. Astrologers already view the Universe in this way – .

The speed of light travels at 300,000 km/s. On our golden spiral it emerges that light, travelling at the speed of light, completes one cycle (or one wavelength) in one second. This frequency can also be written as 1 Hz (one cycle per second). The moon is roughly 300,000km away from the Earth, so it takes one second for the light from the moon to reach us. We could also write the frequency of the light from the moon as being 1 Hz.

There’s a gamma ray image of the moon taken by NASA. If you could see gamma rays – the moon would appear brighter than the Sun. The Sun, it appears, is extremely faint at gamma ray energies. Gamma ray energies are extremely high frequencies, and very short wavelengths. Why does the Sun show low gamma ray activity? Maybe as light travels from the Sun to planet Earth it is not using high frequencies, but extremely low frequencies.

The Sun is some 150,000,000 km away from Earth. It takes 500 seconds for light from the Sun to reach the Earth, so its frequency is much lower than the light from the moon. If 1 Hz is the frequency of light from the moon, then the light from the Sun will have a frequency that is 500 times longer – 0.002 Hz. When we compare the different frequencies of light from the moon (1 HZ), and light from the Sun (0.002 Hz) – does it start to explain why we have the high energy gamma rays at the moon, but then very low energy which travels from the Sun?

The Earth has a circumference of approximately 40, 000 km (24,900 miles). Light travelling at the speed of light, could circumnavigate the circumference of the Earth eight times a second – this can be expressed as 8 Hz. This frequency, or resonance, agrees with observations made by Schumann. The earth-ionosphere cavity, sometimes referred to as the Schumann cavity, surrounds the Earth between ground level and extends upward to a maximum 80 kilometres. The earth-ionosphere cavity has a sort of resonance, which can be thought of as being formed by a standing electromagnetic wave that encircles the whole globe, supported between two conductive layers (the Earth and the ionosphere). So what happens when these low frequencies of light from the Sun(0.002 Hz), meet the higher frequencies exhibited by the planet (8 Hz)? The earth-ionosphere cavity resonates in the frequency range of 6 – 60 Hz. For me, as an electrician, 50 – 60 Hz immediately brings domestic electricity to mind. So what electrical forces are being played out on our planet? Is it possible that they can be utilised as a power source?

On a side note, I was wondering what would happen if I slowed my perception down to half its normal speed (this time it helps to think big!). If I then observe the light moving from the Sun to the Earth, it will feel like the light is now moving twice as fast (when compared to my ‘normal’ experience). It now takes light only 250 seconds to travel from the Sun to the Earth – it’s frequency will have increased to 0.004 Hz. Time and space would appear to be a construct of how we experience energy in the universe. In other words, how we observe the frequency of light determines our ideas of time-space.

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