The Last Stoic

Stop The Clock (I want To Get Off!)

Posted in Uncategorized by munty13 on December 4, 2008

Here I am again, looking down into the snake-pit which is the bottom of the golden spiral. There’s a couple of things which have been playing on my mind. One of these is the zero-point singularity which the energy spins around. I think we’ve been looking for black holes in the wrong place. I’m not so sure they exist as an entity in outer space. I think there’s one to be found at the bottom of every atom, and at the centre of every electromagnetic wave.

The other thing that’s tickling me, is the idea that one spin of an electron around a nucleus is perhaps one wavelength. Is there the same energy in this one atomic wavelength as there is in one wavelength of a radiowave, for example? An electron takes about 150 attoseconds to orbit a nucleus. One attosecond is to one second, what one second is to the age of the Universe. That’s unfathomably fast, and I can only imagine just how intense this energy is. As we move up the golden spiral from matter, to electromagnetic radiation, it would appear that this energy is being stretched as the size of the wavelengths increase.

So why does an electron thus appear as a particle? I think of it a bit like a stop-watch. If we imagine the face of a stop-watch with the second hand spinning around, then the moment we push the plunger it will stop to reveal a ‘time’. However, this is only a tiny segment of what is the whole face of the clock. I imagine one wavelength rather like the clock face. If matter is electromagnetic radiation spinning incredibly fast, we could make a comparison to the second-hand on our stop-clock, which would be whizzing round so fast it would appear as a blur. But the mind is unable to input a blur – it appears as something solid, so we are forced to try and measure what’s happening by stopping the clock. Hence this tiny segment of the whole appears as a ‘particle’.

This site is fascinating…


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